Into Each Life…

Some rain ☔️ must fall! Now, when it comes to the weather I actually love rain. It brings a feeling of renewal and evokes memories of cozy fall days by the fire. However, when it comes to my Rainy Day Fund there are no warm fuzzy feelings.  There’s no doubt that everyone needs an emergency fund. You have to have money saved for life’s rainy … Continue reading Into Each Life…

Sweet Dreams My Friend

Cancer has robbed all of us. It seems like everyone has been ravaged in some way by this horrible monster. Over the years it has devastated our family and decimated so many other families around us. My friend Nancy passed away last night, another victim of the beast. We’ve been friends and coworkers for 30 years. Our husbands also worked together for a long time. … Continue reading Sweet Dreams My Friend

Sunday Supper

I’ve been working on eating out less, and eating better meals at home. It hasn’t been easy, unfortunately my intentions are good but sometimes things fall to the wayside when I get busy and tired. My biggest effort so far has been “Supper On Sunday”. Or as my hilarious family would call it: S.O.S. – their distress call when I try to cook 😞!  Let me just put … Continue reading Sunday Supper

The College Monster

He was up until 1am, on a school night. He was practicing for his 4th ACT which is coming up this Saturday. Notes and papers strewn across the large L-shaped desk in the corner of what we’ve always referred to as our “computer room”. Laptop open, cell phone on…but not to group chats with friends or games. He’s trying so hard. All his energy is … Continue reading The College Monster

Fortune Cookies 

My husband and son LOVE Chinese food. It borders on obsession, especially for my hubby! There’s a Chinese Buffet near us that they see as a little slice of heaven. Whenever days off from work and school collide they head there for lunch. Sometimes I tag along but mostly it’s male bonding time. It’s a wonderful thing to see father and son happily chatting over … Continue reading Fortune Cookies 


It’s important to find some things that inspire me and encourage me to continue plugging along toward the debt-free goal line. Just like when you’re trying to lose weight, nothing happens fast and it’s easy to lose your motivation and just throw in the towel. I have to remember that slow and steady wins the race 🏁, but some days it’s easier said than done! … Continue reading Inspiration 

Stuffed With Stuff

It’s time to start parting with some long-hoarded stuff! I have too much clutter and want to downsize, plus I have too much debt and need extra money. That equals eBay and garage sales and any other means to help me get it together :):)   Our efforts so far: My son, who just turned 18, is all about creative ways to clean up and … Continue reading Stuffed With Stuff

Small Steps: August Tracker

Honestly, I haven’t been very good this August 😔. I was supposed to “step up my steps” and walk more but my steps were pretty average. Here’s how the step tracker shapes up this month: Unfortunately I didn’t push myself, which I really need to do. If I’m left to my natural slug tendencies I will resort to my happy couch potato mode, reading and … Continue reading Small Steps: August Tracker