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No Adults Allowed

A couple of days ago I was talking to my 26 year old daughter. She had gotten a subpoena from her city for her 2015-2016 tax records. She called me, distressed and confused. After some discussion we figured that it probably has to do with the fact that she worked as a substitute teacher those… Continue reading No Adults Allowed

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Making Lemonade As My Firstborn Leaves For College

Several years ago I was struggling. My world was changing and I hated it. I was tiptoeing on the edge of a cliff and one wrong move would plunge me into the abyss. I was literally unraveling at the seams like an old rag doll. Buried under my pile of lemons, I realized that either… Continue reading Making Lemonade As My Firstborn Leaves For College

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Of An (Un)certain Age

The "double nickel" is looming on my horizon, a menacing figure in the distance, inching ever closer and ready to pounce. A milestone birthday is stalking me, waiting to bestow its foul gifts upon me: aches and pains, foggy brain, fading eyesight, etc etc etc!  I've always absolutely loved my birthdays, you just feel special… Continue reading Of An (Un)certain Age

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Boundless Bookshelves: Erma Bombeck

Lately I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what's important in life. I lost a good friend to cancer, a friend who was my age and who's life paralleled mine in many ways. Watching her decline from the time of her cancer diagnosis was devastating and she was gone so fast. It really… Continue reading Boundless Bookshelves: Erma Bombeck

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Into Each Life…

Some rain ☔️ must fall! Now, when it comes to the weather I actually love rain. It brings a feeling of renewal and evokes memories of cozy fall days by the fire. However, when it comes to my Rainy Day Fund there are no warm fuzzy feelings.  There's no doubt that everyone needs an emergency… Continue reading Into Each Life…

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Sweet Dreams My Friend

Cancer has robbed all of us. It seems like everyone has been ravaged in some way by this horrible monster. Over the years it has devastated our family and decimated so many other families around us. My friend Nancy passed away last night, another victim of the beast. We've been friends and coworkers for 30… Continue reading Sweet Dreams My Friend

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Sunday Supper

I've been working on eating out less, and eating better meals at home. It hasn't been easy, unfortunately my intentions are good but sometimes things fall to the wayside when I get busy and tired. My biggest effort so far has been "Supper On Sunday". Or as my hilarious family would call it: S.O.S. - their distress call… Continue reading Sunday Supper